Once you have read your favourite book, write a review..

Z.rex is about a 13 year old boy called Adam whose dad started up a high tech game where you are the character and you are put into sub-conscious to play it. Adam is his dads ‘Test subject’ for the game. Adams dad says that he is going to work but he will be gone for Three days. Nine days from then Adams dad is not home and a massive tornado hits where Adam is staying and starts going after Adam himself! So Adam runs not knowing what is after him so he tries to find out what it was that attacked him and why his dad isn’t coming back.
Then someone puts posters up saying Adam is a public enemy and that he is armed. He gets caught by two guards and then the thing that chased him comes back and shows itself. It looks like a dinosaur. It kills the two guards and lumbers off with Adam in its hand. The dinosaur takes Adam to a group of scientists who tell him what the thing is. They called it Z.rex meaning “Zenthis King.” The scientists escape and the F.B.I plant a bomb hoping to kill the creature. The creature resets the bomb, grabs Adam and a few papers, sprouts wings, and takes Adam into hiding. The Z.rex shows that it can catch sharks using its bare hands, can navigate itself half way around the world and like humans, is capable of learning.
And to the Z.rex - Adam is the animal.
The rest of the secrets are hidden in the story.
I think that Z.rex is a never ending scene of action and has very detailed violence; I think it is suitable for 10 year olds and up.
I rate it 4.5/5 stars.
Alex Cooper.



The UN Magician.

Outcast-The Un magician is about a dimension where everyone is a mage. Different types of mages have different powers and are trained in different ways (Like Transportation mages, Construction mages, Police and Investigator mages and so on.) Timothy Cade is the only one without powers, a tear in the magical universe capable of shattering magic on touch and he can only kill or be killed by physical combat. He has lived on a deserted island he called Patience. The only things that are on the island is lush vegetation, the last Ausura tribe member in existence animals similar to ours and Timothy’s inventions such as Sheridan- a steam powered robot.

Leander Maddox, Tim’s dad’s student comes with terrible news from Alhazred, the main city of the outside world. Tim’s father is dead. Worse yet, mages have been disappearing in Alhazred. Leander persuades Timothy to go to Alhazred to investigate the mysterious disappearances. The Order of Alhazred allowed him into the city but forces him to live with the grandmaster of the city. Tim is forced to spy on the other orders to check if the other orders are taking the mages.

But soon he realises that it’s not the other orders that are taking the mages............................................................................ And it is far too late...............................

This book is part of a series named Outcast. This is the first of four

I liked the imaginative ideas in the story and I would recommend this to 9 or 10 year olds.

I rate it 3 ½ stars out of 5.

Alex Cooper.